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Fight Against AIDS

Today is world AIDS day....... so let me Share little i know about AIDS with you......

Most of us till date, must have known how HIV spreads, the 4 common ways (credit: media and govt), now lets look beyond that..........

1) HIV may take about 10 yrs to show the symptoms of Aids, Lets recall that Srinivasa Ramanujan died at an early age of 32, a true example of wat can be achieved in a shorter time. So never loose hope.

2) 40 persent of those infected are in the age group of 15-25 years. So greater probablity that you can come across a person effected with HIV. Be Cautious!!!!

3) HIV doesnt spread by affection or day to day activities, and even by kissing. So, lets spread love amonng our frnds infected with HIV

4) HIV doesnt spread through mosquito bite.

5) There is till date no permanant cure for AIDS. But nutritious food and healthy habits can surely delay the symptoms of aids.

So frnds lets get together and fight against AIDS.... and remember not against people effected.

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